Scarring can sometimes be the result from acne but we have good news – you no longer have to live with the acne, or the scars that come from it. From pesky hyperpigmented marks, red dots, or pitted scars, acne marks are one of the most frustrating skin issues. Acne scar treatment is most effective when performed in the first two years of having your acne cleared, however, with our advanced treatment options we can provide improvement to older scars too.

It is critical that active acne is treated before pursuing acne scar treatment. Our skin experts will determine the most effective treatment for your acne scar type.

We offer a variety of acne scar treatments to help with acne lesions that range from mild acne scarring to more severe pitted acne scars. Laser resurfacing is one type of treatment for acne scarring that can be quite effective. Resurfx, a non-ablative laser treatment, is a less invasive option, that helps with pitted acne scars, wrinkles and facial lines by stimulating collagen production. For deeper or more severe acne scarring, deep fractioned laser resurfacing can be helpful. This can be used in conjunction with the Microlaser peel, to improve skin surface layers, and help reduce any stubborn pigmentation.