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Botox Treatment In Brandon

Skin Clinics is offering Botox treatment for wrinkles, unwanted lines.
These neuromodulators start working just days after injection.
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Neuromodulators BOTOX® are injected into a muscle to reduce the movements that cause lines, such as frown lines, forehead lines, bunny lines, crows feet, and lines around the mouth. These neuromodulators start working just days after injection and the full effect can be seen two weeks post-injection. This is generally the best wrinkle treatment in Brandon available.

This treatment result in softened lines and can help you achieve a more youthful appearance, while still looking natural.

Treatments typically last between three to six months before wearing off, at which time, follow-up treatment is recommended to maintain optimal outcomes.

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Botox Treatment FAQ

Botox treatment usually last between 3-6 month

No. Every treatment is performed with the client goal in mind and it’s not a “one size fits all” treatment. Your provider will adjust dosing and injection placement to meet your cosmetic goals, while still keeping you true to yourself.

Most clients describe the injections as a quick, small pinch and that it wasn’t as bad as they were expecting. Some clients have even mentioned that the treatment is relaxing!

No. Your skin & muscles will revert back to their normal aging process if treatment is discontinued. Over time, with consistent botox treatment, your skin and muscled should appear softened from less muscle movement.

No – if you get botox treatment too frequently, your body can build a tolerance to it, which increases the risk of the treatment not working anymore. If needed, we add a touch up at 2 weeks, and then another full treatment in 3-4 months.

While any time is a great time to start getting botox treatment, we recommend starting earlier in the late 20s-30s as a preventative measure so those deep lines don’t even get a chance to form.

At SKIN Clinics we use

  1. botox for wrinkle treatment
  2. We use botox to treat migraine
  3. We use botox to treat Hyperhidrosis

Some common conditions that botox treats are;

  1. Lines between eyebrows
  2. Sagging cheeks
  3. Lipstick lines
  4. Crows feet
  5. Forehead wrinkles
  6. Frown Lines
  7. Lip Flip
  8. Neck Wrinkles
  9. Masseters
  10. Underarms
  11. Feet
  12. Hands
  13. Nasolabial folds – These are creases or folds in your skin extending from both sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth.

If you want to fight signs of aging, wrinkles and folds painlessly, then botox treatments is one of your best options. Some benefits of botox treatment is;

  1. Natural looking results
  2. Softens and corrects fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Refreshes your appearance
  4. Brow lift can be achieved
  5. Negative facial expressions are reduced

You can get your botox treatment at SKIN Clinics Brandon at 1031 Rosser Avenue, Brandon, MB, R7A 0L5 or Call us at 204 789 8566 to book.

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More Benefits of Botox Treatment

+ Natural looking results
+ Softens and corrects fine lines and wrinkles
+ Refreshes your appearance
+ Brow lift can be achieved
+ Negative facial expressions are reduced

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