Double Chin Treatments at SKIN Clinics

By Mikayla Cherneski RN

If you are looking for a way to get rid of double chin also known as fullness under the chin, you are not alone. Double chin can affect people of any age, gender, or body type and is often associated with aging, weight gain, genetics, or certain medications. A double chin can occur when there is an accumulation of excess fat, skin, or fluid under the chin area, resulting in the appearance of a second chin.

While a double chin appearance is not a serious medical condition, it can be a cosmetic concern for many, affecting their self-esteem. Various double chin treatments are available at SKIN Clinics to help reduce or eliminate the appearance of the stubborn submental fat.

Double Chin Treatments at SKIN Clinics include:


Fat Dissolving

Did you know that there is an injectable double chin treatment? Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown of fat. Deoxycholic acid can safely be injected under the chin to target and eliminate fat cells. The body naturally removes the fat cells through a process called lipolysis. The submental fullness will gradually improve with each treatment session, with many patients seeing substantial improvements in just 2-4 treatments with little downtime.


This non-invasive cryolipolysis (freezing & eliminating the fat cells) treatment eliminates the double chin by causing apoptosis (programmed cell death) in the subcutaneous fat tissue. The unwanted fat cells are naturally processed through the lymphatic system and excreted over several weeks.

Coolsculpting will target fat cells without damaging other structures such as skin, blood vessels, or organs. CoolSculpting can reduce the number of fat cells with multiple treatments by up to 27%, and a minimum of 2 treatments are necessary as a starting point per area.


Ultherapy uses micro-focused ultrasound technology to lift and tighten loose skin. Ultherapy ultrasound stimulates collagen production in the skin’s foundation, resulting in a clinically significant lift of tissue over two to three months. An Ultherapy provider directs thermal heat below the skin’s surface through focused imaging. Common areas treated include the neck, chin, brow, and upper chest. Results can last up to a year or more, and future touch-up treatments will vary by individual as their natural aging process takes over.

Botox for Migraine


Neuromodulators (aka BOTOX®, Dysport®, NUCEIVA™, etc.) are purified proteins that are injected into facial muscles that cause wrinkles. Their action is to temporarily reduce repetitive muscle movement. Regarding double chin treatments, neuromodulators can offer an effective solution by injection into the platysmal bands. Platysmal bands are the muscular strips vertically running down the sides of your neck. Over time with repetitive muscle contraction, the platysmal bands can “pull down” the face, eventually leading to double chins, neck creases, and a droopy and aged appearance. Neuromodulators can induce muscle relaxation of the platysmal bands, giving a “lifted” effect in the neck and chin area. Results can occur within a few days of treatment, but it takes 2 weeks post-injection to see the full effect. Consistent treatment is recommended every 3-4 months to maintain optimal results.


Filler is an injectable gel composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar in the body responsible for hydration. Injecting filler, specifically into the chin and/or jaw area, adds volume and support to the face. This can be an excellent double chin treatment if you are a candidate. Strategically placing the filler can add structure to “lift” the tissue, reducing the double chin’s appearance. Filler is not a permanent treatment; follow-up treatments at intervals recommended by your provider are encouraged to maintain optimal results.

While it may not always be possible to prevent a double chin, there are steps you can take to reduce it. Maintaining a healthy weight with a balanced diet and regular exercise can help prevent the accumulation of excess fat in the body, including the chin area. Practicing good posture can also help strengthen the neck muscles and avoid the appearance of a double chin. However, your double chin may persist despite these recommendations, as you may be genetically predisposed to this persistent fat pocket under the chin.

SKIN Clinics provides a range of double chin treatments. A comprehensive consultation is necessary to ensure you are suitable for the treatment. Our clinic offers top-notch non-surgical treatments for submental fat, which involve minimal downtime and deliver long-lasting results. Let us help you eliminate this unwanted bulge, rejuvenating your appearance and confidence with a sculpted look.


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