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Stretch Mark Reduction

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The most common areas for stretch marks to appear are on the breasts, abdomen, hips, buttocks, or thighs. Laser therapy has the power to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks without incisions or lengthy downtime. The procedure can help smooth out the skin, improving the texture and appearance of stretch marks.

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Our Stretch Mark Reduction treatment uses the ResurFX laser, which provides a non-ablative treatment for scar tissue. By using heat and controlled depths of energy, we stimulate the tissue’s healing response to produce new collagen in the area, resulting in the improved texture of the skin. Depending on the color of the tears in the skin, IPL may also be used to target the red and purple tones in the stretch mark. Before pursuing treatment, understand there’s a possibility your stretch marks may not disappear completely but the overall feel and appearance can be greatly improved.

Benefits of Stretch Mark Reduction

+ Reduces and improves overall appearance of stretch marks
+ Stimulates collagen and elastin to support skin structure
+ Softens the feel of the skin


+ Stretch marks


It is unlikely the stretch mark will be eradicated completely. However, Stretch Mark Reduction treatments help make the skin smoother, reducing the appearance of the scar.

Like any scar, stretch marks are permanent, but treatment may make them less noticeable. Stretch Mark Reduction treatment can also help alleviate the itch.

Though we are unable to control whether stretch marks occur or not, staying hydrated, and eating a nutrient-rich diet, (including adequate vitamin C) may reduce their incidence. Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most helpful things you can do to try and prevent stretch marks. Treating fresh stretch marks when they appear will offer better treatment outcomes.

Most stretch mark reduction treatments, when performed by qualified professionals, are considered safe. However, it’s important to discuss potential risks and side effects with your healthcare provider before undergoing any treatment.

The number of laser therapy sessions required depends on factors such as the severity of the stretch marks and the type of laser treatment used. Typically, multiple sessions spaced several weeks apart are necessary for optimal results. At SKIN Clinics 3-5 is advised.

Laser therapy may cause some discomfort during the procedure, but it is generally well-tolerated. Your healthcare professional may apply a numbing cream or use cooling techniques to minimize discomfort.