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Skin Tag Removal

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These small yet bothersome soft pieces of squishy skin that stick out and can get snagged on clothing or jewelry are simple to remove. Skin tags commonly grow on the eyelids, neck, armpits, and groin. Whether you simply don’t like their appearance or they cause discomfort, our advanced technicians can efficiently remove unwanted skin tags with little to no downtime.

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Our Skin Tag Removal treatment targets these common and harmless lesions that appear to hang off the skin. The procedure uses Electrocautery to remove the tag. The electric probe is used to cauterize the base of a skin tag in quick bursts. The tissue may fall off during the procedure, go hard and grey, and/or fall off in days to follow. There will be redness and irritation in the treated area, which will subside quickly, and it may scab as the new, healthy skin heals.

Benefits of Skin Tag Removal

+ Improve uneven skin tone
+ Removed unwanted imperfections


+ Skin tags

Skin Tag Removal

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Skin tags seem to increase as people age, especially in women. It’s important if they are bothersome to have them removed sooner than later.

The majority of patients find this treatment tolerable without numbing agents. The removal is very quick and the technician moves swiftly. Numbing is available upon request for a $50 add-on fee if necessary.

Skin tags can easily be mistaken for moles or warts, which are also common skin growths. However, Skin tags are easily distinguished by how they hang from the skin with only a narrow stalk keeping them in place. Aside from that, they’re smooth and flesh-colored. Skin tags are often a few millimeters across.

Because skin tag removal is considered cosmetic, these procedures are usually not covered by insurance. However, if your doctor can deem it medically necessary for removal your insurance may be able to cover it.

Skin tag removal procedures are generally safe, but there may be minor risks such as bleeding, infection, scarring, or temporary skin discoloration.

There is a possibility of skin tag regrowth, especially if the entire base of the tag is not completely removed. However, the likelihood of regrowth is generally low.