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Scar Revision

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This one-of-a-kind treatment smooths and improves mild to moderate scarring including acne, burns, surgical scars, and stretch marks, and also can improve stubborn post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) caused by acne and scarring. Scar Revision treatment can be performed everywhere on the body, including the scalp.

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The Scar Revision treatment uses a laser that allows the penetration depth to be precisely controlled and customized to each scar and treatment area. The heat generated by the laser causes a controlled wound-healing response which results in new, regenerated healthy skin cells and collagen renewal. The healing occurs throughout the skin layers, which evens out texture, and tone, and offers an overall smoother appearance of the skin.

Benefits of Scar Revision

+ Reduce the appearance of the scar
+ Improve the texture of the skin tissue
+ Minimal Downtime
+ Regain confidence, and improve quality of life
+ Minimize pigmentation or redness caused by the scar
+ More seamless appearance between the scar and + sounding tissue


+ Acne Scars
+ Scars
+ Surgical scars
+ Uneven Skin Texture
+ Burns
+ Animal bites
+ Cuts

Treatments Needed

3-5, more may be needed depending on severity and desired result

Results In

3-6 months

Results lasts

Several years

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Any area of the body that has a scar can be treated – the face, arms, legs, or the trunk of the body.

Laser Scar Revision can last a lifetime if the area is properly taken care of with skincare, SPF, and avoiding environmental exposures such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and prolonged unprotected sun exposure. It is important to remember that results will vary from person to person. Improvement in the scar’s appearance will be seen but it cannot be fully removed.

The scar and the skin surrounding it will be red and swollen. Pinpoint bleeding is possible but will subside within 24 hours.

Laser Scar Revision can prevent a raised scar from forming after surgery, reduce scar pain and itch, increase your range of motion if a scar limits movement, and make a scar less noticeable.

The timing for scar revision depends on the specific scar and its healing process. In general, it’s best to wait until the scar has fully matured, which typically takes about one year. However, some early interventions may be recommended for certain types of scars. Consultation with a healthcare provider will help determine the appropriate timing for your scar revision.


Generally yes, scar revision treatments can be combined with other procedures depending on the individual’s needs. Your healthcare provider will assess the feasibility and safety of combining procedures.