Platinum Laser Face Tightening

This revolutionary treatment addresses everyday aging concerns. Skin aging is treated from the inside out targeting concerns such as skin laxity, wrinkles, lines, loss of volume, and skin texture. By customizing and combining multiple treatments in one, we can tighten the deeper layers of the skin and the inner tissue of the mouth, with an overall laser exfoliation for the texture, tone, and superficial pigment.

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Platinum Laser Face Tightening is the “All-in-One” treatment for targeting common anti-aging concerns. We can stimulate collagen synthesis and improve elastin fibers, as well as target damaged skin on the surface through a combination of different wavelengths improving skin health and appearance through multiple layers.

The treatment starts by targeting the mucosa inside of the mouth – the energy from the laser shrinks the elastin fibers to help tighten the tissue. This also stimulates collagen synthesis to improve the appearance of nasolabial folds.

Secondly, targeted laser energy set at a specific depth and temperature heats the lower part of the face to further stimulate collagen for a tighter appearance throughout the jawline and submental area.

The next wavelength is going to assist with superficial tightening, laxity, and crepy skin texture over the entire face. This causes mild sloughing of the outermost layer of the skin to reveal fresher, smoother skin.

The final step of the treatment includes a microlaser peel to remove micro-thin layers of imperfections on the face, including pigmentation. This step can be customized depending on the client’s skin concerns, age, and desired downtime. After treatment, the skin will feel similar to a sunburn and the damaged skin will naturally exfoliate off in days to come, revealing the new, healthier skin underneath.


Before You Arrive:
+ Please ensure you have filled out your Health History/Intake form before your appointment. If you are unable to complete it, please arrive 15 minutes early
+ We recommend eating a light snack or meal 30min-1hr before your appointment
+ Remove makeup before the appointment
+ Ensure you wear medical grade SPF 50 in the treatment area 4-6 weeks prior
+ Let your provider know if you have a history of cold sores and we will provide you with a prophylactic prescription of Valtrex

What To Avoid:
Please avoid the following:
+ Retinol or active exfoliants for 5 – 7 days prior
+ Neuromodulators for at least 2 weeks prior
+ Filler for at least 4 weeks prior lol
+ Sun exposure 4 – 6 weeks prior
+ Tanning including spray tan and self-tanning products 4-6 weeks prior (if you have a tan at the time of your appointment it will have to be rescheduled for safety reasons)
+ Must be off of oral isotretinoin (Accutane) for a minimum of 6 months prior
+ Is it our policy not to provide treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding


+ 3-5 days of downtime to be expected
+ Skin can be red, swollen, and warm immediately post-treatment and should subside within 24 hours
+ Sloughing and dryness are possible as healing progresses

Post Care:
+ Cool compresses (no ice) can be applied to soothe discomfort
+ Mineral makeup can be applied immediately, ask your provider for recommendations

What To Avoid:
+ No strenuous exercise for 24 hours post
+ No hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, etc. for 24 hours
+ No direct sun exposure for 1 week
+ No active skincare or physical exfoliants for 1 week
+ Must wear medical grade SPF for the entire treatment course

Follow Up:
+ 3-5 treatments (one per decade of age) are recommended to optimize results, every 4 weeks
+ Yearly maintenance treatments recommended

Treatment Info

Treatments Needed
Results In
1-3 weeks, continue up to 3 months
Results Last
9-12 months

Benefits of Platinum Laser Face Tightening

+ Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
+ Stimulates production of new collagen
+ Tightens the skin and reduces nasal labial folds
+ Promotes production of new collagen
+ Skin appears more youthful
+ Improves texture and tone of the skin
+ Reduces acne scars
+ Minimizes pore size
+ Skin appears more youthful

Conditions It Treats

+ Skin Laxity & Sagging
+ Wrinkles, Lines & Folds
+ Tired or Dull Looking Skin
+ Uneven Skin Texture
+ Brown Spots & Sun Damage

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Does Platinum Laser Face Tightening hurt?

The majority of clients find the treatment quite comfortable. You will feel warmth mostly and a minor snapping sensation. This treatment is so comfortable that it doesn’t even require topical numbing prior.

+ How long until I will start seeing results?

Collagen can take 9-12 months to regenerate in the skin, by stimulating your natural collagen synthesis we won’t expect peak results until after this time. Some skin responds slower or can be non-responsive at all.

+ What does this laser treatment target?

As a multi-step laser treatment, different techniques are used to rejuvenate the face by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin which results in younger-looking, plump and retexturized skin with just a little downtime.

+ Is this Laser treatment Worth it?

Definitely! It helps with multiple issues like fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, skin laxity, and uneven skin tone. Plus, it is non-invasive and safe for all skin types.

+ What is the Downtime with the Laser treatment?

Depending on the intensity of the treatment, it has minimal down time, expect 3-5 days of social downtime as you will only be applying Aquifor on the skin. The microlaser peel included in the Platinum Laser Face Tighenting is our least aggressive, superficial option, resulting in the least down time with these wavelengths of laser energy being used.
All these details and precautions will be discussed at length in the consultation before proceeding.

+ Where can I get Platinum Laser Face Tightening?

You can get Platinum Laser Face Tightening done at any of these SKIN Clinics locations;

Platinum Laser Face Tightening Calgary 403-764-7545
Platinum Silver Laser Face Tightening Brandon 204-789-8566