Laser Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is a common, uncomfortable skin condition that affects self-esteem and hinders quality of life. Use our Laser Rosacea Treatment to take control of your flare ups and face the world with more confidence!

Get The Facts

The Laser Rosacea treatment will target vascularity and inflammation throughout your face. As the laser produces heat to help close down vessels, it can further kill the bacteria on the skin which may lead to rosacea flare-ups. By using controlled light in specific wavelengths, we can reduce flare-ups, along with redness, pimples, blood vessels, and uneven skin tones.


Before You Arrive:
+ Please ensure you have filled out your Health History/Intake form before your appointment. If you are unable to complete it, please arrive 15 minutes early
+ We recommend eating a light snack or meal 30min-1hr before your appointment
+ Remove makeup before the appointment
+ Ensure you wear medical grade SPF 50 in the treatment area 4-6 weeks prior
+ Let your provider know if you have a history of hyperpigmentation conditions such as melasma

What To Avoid:
Please avoid the following:
+ Sun exposure 4 – 6 weeks prior
+ Tanning including spray tan and self-tanning products 4-6 weeks prior (if you have a tan at the time of your appointment it will have to be rescheduled for safety reasons)
+ Retinol or active exfoliants for 5-7 days prior
+ Neuromodulators for at least 2 weeks prior
+ Filler for at least 4 weeks prior
+ Must be off of oral isotretinoin (Accutane) for a minimum of 6 months prior
+ It is our policy to not provide treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding


+ Minor swelling, redness, and bruising are possible after treatment
+ Mild sunburn-like sensation may be present for 1 hour after treatment

Post Care:
+ Cool compresses can be applied to the treatment area to soothe discomfort
+ Mineral makeup can be applied immediately
+ Ensure to stay out of the sun and wear SPF 50
+ Ask your provider for product recommendations

What To Avoid:
Please avoid the following:
+ Hot water, friction, and strenuous exercise for 24 days
+ Active skin care including AHA, BHA, and retinol 1 week
+ No physical exfoliation for 1 week
+ Avoid direct sun exposure during the entire treatment plan and wear SPF 50 at all times

Follow Up:
+ Contact us immediately if you experience any blistering or increased pain
+ We recommend a minimum of 3-5 treatments 4 weeks apart for optimal results
+ Yearly maintenance treatments recommend

Treatment Info

Treatments Needed
Results In
4 weeks
Results Last
Several years

Benefits of Laser Rosacea Treatment

+ Prevents rosacea from worsening
+ Improve your self-confidence, quality of life and + + help you feel more comfortable
+ Reduce overall appearance of rosacea and rosacea acne
+ Improve skin health and functionality

Conditions It Treats

+ Rosacea
+ Vascularity/flushing/redness in the face

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What are the symptoms of rosacea?

Rosacea symptoms include stinging and burning skin, red or pus-filled bumps that may resemble pimples, patches of rough, dry skin, a swollen, bulb-shaped nose, larger pores, and broken blood vessels.

+ Will Laser Rosacea Treatment make my rosacea go away?

Unfortunately, rosacea doesn’t typically fully go away. However, it can be suppressed! Laser Rosacea Treatment can give you healthier-looking skin, as well as allow you to learn what triggers the flare-ups so that you can better manage the condition.

+ What happens if I don’t treat rosacea?

If left untreated, rosacea may lead to permanent damage.

Rosacea is more common in women than men, but in men, the symptoms can be more severe. It can also become progressively worse and leaving it untreated can cause significant damage, not only to the skin but also to the eyes.

+ Is laser rosacea treatment suitable for all skin types?

Laser rosacea treatment can be performed on various skin types, including fair and darker skin tones. However, certain laser devices are specifically designed for different skin types, so it’s important to consult with a dermatologist or a laser specialist who can determine the most appropriate treatment for your specific skin type.

+ Are the results of laser rosacea treatment permanent?

While laser rosacea treatment can provide long-lasting results, the underlying cause of rosacea is a chronic condition. New blood vessels may develop over time, leading to a recurrence of symptoms. However, maintenance treatments or lifestyle modifications can help manage the condition and prolong the results.

+ Is laser rosacea treatment painful?

Most patients experience some level of discomfort during the procedure. However, the discomfort is generally tolerable and can be minimized with the use of topical anesthetics or cooling techniques. Your healthcare provider will work to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment.