Treating Stretch Marks, Acne Scars and Fine Lines

From late night infomercials, to drug store creams, there are an endless number of products on the market claiming to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and acne scars. Almost all of them claim near-miraculous results but most leave the consumer feeling disappointed.

Photo fractional laser, better known as resurFX, is backed by science, not a C list celebrity pushing it on late night TV.  Clinical trials have clearly demonstrated that it actually works. It is able to diminish the appearance of acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and it can treat multiple skin conditions in a single visit.

How does it work? A non-ablative photo fractional laser penetrates deep into the layers of the skin, targeting water. As water is found between our collagen and elastin fibers, it uses this target to reach deep in the layers of the skin, essentially giving the skin another chance to heal itself.  Laser microbeams heat the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the collagen and elastin fibres.  When this happens, more collagen and elastin is produced, filling in any irregular texture such as stretch marks, scars, and wrinkles.  This results in a softer, smoother surface.

It is so assuring to know that we can improve these scars, especially when we know it is safe to do so. Photo fractional laser is clinically proven to safely remove these scars, and is trusted by leading professionals worldwide. There are a lot of lasers on the market that make similar claims, but not all lasers are created equal, and the resurFX is considered the best.

Treatments are comfortable, and fast.


If you would like to learn more about laser resurfacing, book a free consultation with our laser technician to learn more and to see if it is right for you.

Gabriella, Laser Technician and Esthetician at SKIN Clinics

You Can Never Have Enough Anitoxidants

Two of our favourites- A warm matcha latte, and Phloretin C F by SkinCeuticals. Two antioxidant powerhouses! Matcha tea is prepared by grinding green tea leaves, which means you consume the whole leaf, getting the full health benefits of green tea. Matcha is known to be loaded with antioxidants, having 20 times the antioxidants than blueberries or pomegranates.

Phlortein C F is a powerful antioxidant serum, protecting against free radical damage while stimulating collagen and elastin to prevent premature aging. This potent serum also helps diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and dark spots.

Antioxidants fight against free radical damage, free radicals are unstable molecules that damage all living cells. This chain of unstable molecules is the main cause of rapid aging. Eating foods high in antioxidants and using an antioxidant serum daily helps slow the process of free radical damage.

Gabriella, Laser Technician and Esthetician at SKIN Clinics

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Fraser Sneath Coffee- Now Open!

SKIN Clinics is excited to provide you with Fraser Sneath Coffee, located at the entrance of SKIN Clinics. This heritage space has a full line up of specialty coffees, smoothies, and teas. Separate from the clinic, enjoy a beverage in our cozy booths or by the fireplace. This space is available to both the public and our clients. Come in today to try your first Fraser Sneath Coffee.

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Waking Up with Glowing Skin

What’s the best way to wake up with healthy, glowing skin? Go to bed with it! The Clarisonic Mia 2 offers gentle sonic cleansing power that works to loosen dirt and oil and remove deep-seated impurities from pores to help transform your skins texture leaving you with a softer more radiant complexion. Come get yours at SKIN!


Is sunscreen really that important? 

The sun is a wonderful thing. It’s one of the best perks of living in our harsh climates; sure, it might be warm in Vancouver in January—but at least we’ve got sunshine! Feeling the sun’s warmth on our skin is one of the best parts of summer. In Manitoba, where the summer is short, we can’t help but want to be outside whenever the weather is cooperating. Protecting ourselves from the sun’s damaging rays is a key part of enjoying the season.

It’s important to understand what is actually happening when we don’t protect our skin. When we are under sun exposure our melanin protects our skin, but with too much sun, it can damage or kill our skin cells, while causing free radicals. Frequent or prolonged sun exposure is the main cause of skin cancer. Skin cancer rates are on the rise, and it is now the most common form of cancer.  Many people don’t realize how serious skin cancer can be—they think that it just needs to be cut out and they’ll be fine. But melanoma, if it’s not caught early on, can become deadly.

UV rays also account for 80% of skin aging and wrinkles.  As we age, the damage from our younger years starts to show. Sun spots or “age spots,” start to appear, and our skin loses its elasticity from collagen depletion caused by the sun’s rays.

Sunscreen is going to prevent and protect you from these things in the future. Wearing sunscreen is one of the best (and easiest) things that you can do for your health. We recommend adding it into your morning routine before you leave the house. Keeping a small bottle in your purse or other handy spot is a great way to ensure that you get the protection you need. In addition to the very obvious perk of protecting yourself from the most common type of cancer, there’s the added bonus of protecting your skin’s youthful appearance. Make sure to look for sunscreens with physical and chemical sunscreens for the best optimal protection.

Gabriella, Laser Technician and Esthetician at SKIN Clinics

Say Goodbye to Sun Damage

Remember when tanning oil was common and people proudly bragged about their tans and how many hours they had spent baking in the sun? Remember being a kid and spending all day, every day outside in the sunshine without even thinking of sunscreen? The sun was our best friend, but little did we know, it would be our worst enemy in our later years. Chronic sun damage causes irregular brown and red discolorations of the skin, but the damage typically doesn’t show until we realize it too late. These discolorations can be a result of a sunburn that happened 20 years ago.

The good news is, we can get rid of those spots. With intense pulsed light, or better known as IPL, we can effectively and gently treats sunspots, freckles, age spots, rosacea, small red vessels, and other forms of skin discolorations. As light is changed to heat energy, it reaches our collagen beneath the skin’s surface. The body then naturally removes the injured tissue, giving our skin improved texture, tone, and a more youthful appearance. ‘But is it safe?’ you may wondering. We are proud users of Lumenis technology, which is backed by dozens of clinical papers proving how safe and efficient this treatment is. IPL is FDA cleared and can be used to safely treat any area of the body.

Usually a treatment can be done in less than an hour, and healing time is very minimal, lasting a few days at the most.

Gabriella, Laser Technician and Esthetician at SKIN Clinics

The Constant Fight with Psoriasis

For those of you who have psoriasis, you know that it is more than a skin condition. Just when it seems to be getting better, you have another flare up. According to the Canadian Dermatology Association, roughly 1 million Canadians and 125 million people worldwide have psoriasis. It is a chronic inflammatory disease where skin cells excessively reproduce and it’s very commonly seen on the elbows, knees, and scalp. Contrary to what some people believe, psoriasis is not contagious.  Having psoriasis is comparable to diabetes, cancer, and depression in terms of the disability and its effect on your life. As many as 30% of psoriasis sufferers either have or will have arthritis and having psoriasis could increase your risk of developing other chronic diseases like diabetes, liver disease, cancer, heart attack and stroke.

It’s important to know the triggers of psoriasis to prevent it from getting worse. Common triggers are stress, alcohol, smoking, certain medications, harsh climates, and certain infections. Even though there is no cure, the good news is there are ways you can prevent flare-ups, or at least keep them to a minimum. By avoiding the common triggers, and also using the appropriate creams, ointments, and shampoos. Here at SKIN Clinics, we have what is called phototherapy- a treatment for a variety of skin conditions, including psoriasis. The results from these treatments have proven themselves over and over again, and many of our clients have seen drastic results with consistent treatment. Phototherapy emits controlled, therapeutic doses of UVB light. The treatment is covered by Manitoba Health, if recommended by a dermatologist. For more on this check out phototherapy under the services tab on our website.  Unlike tanning beds, which release harmful, cancer-causing rays, phototherapy light is designed to provide safe, highly targeted light in a very controlled manner. The treatment can last from seconds up to several minutes depending on factors determined by the dermatologist.

To learn more, check out the Canadian Guide to Psoriasis, a book that will tell you everything you need to know about the disease. It’s available at our clinic for $5 and proceeds are donated to charity.

Gabriella, Laser Technician and Esthetician at SKIN Clinics

Summer is officially here!

With more sun exposure, our skin needs more protection. SkinCeuticals physical fusion sunscreen gives the most complete protection against environmental damage AND it’s water resistant for up to 40 minutes AND it’s it’s slightly tinted to enhance your natural skin tone.


Introducing facials at SKIN!

Not only do facials maintain healthy, balanced skin, but they maintain wellbeing, taking time to relax and unwind from our busy schedules. Call 204-717-7546 to book!


Our cafe is getting closer to opening!

Fraser Sneath Coffee is getting closer to opening! For those of you who didn’t know yet, there will be a cafe as you enter the Dermatology clinic, for clients to sip on a tasty latte as they wait, and for public to stop in during their coffee break! Stay tuned on opening dates for Fraser Sneath Coffee!



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