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Skin Consultation

Aesthetics & Medical

A comprehensive skin consultation will help your practitioner to gain a deeper understanding of your skin concerns. We work with you to create an individualized plan tailored to your skincare goals.

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We engage in detailed conversation to discuss your goals, medical history, skin type, daily habits, and desired outcomes to curate an approach beyond a single treatment, product, or service. We want our clients to feel more confident and comfortable in their skin at any age.

Benefits of Skin Consultation

+ Building rapport within our clinic and your provider
+ Gaining a better understanding of your skin
+ Learning the benefits of medical grade skincare


+ Applies to all SKIN conditions


We recommend a facial about every 4-6 weeks to help support your skin cycle. Another great timeline is quarterly or every season change.

We recommend a series of 3 for almost all our facial treatments, though some clients may need more, depending on the severity of concerns, and how we are treating it.

Medical-grade skincare typically has a higher concentration of active ingredients that are proven to penetrate the appropriate layers of the skin to target specific skin concerns. We highly recommend SkinCeuticals as it is user-friendly, result driven, and science-backed to improve your skin health at home.

It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin! We recommend adding skincare products to help skin cell turnover and collagen production in your early 20s to sustain healthy, rejuvenated skin.

On average, we will see noticeable, long-term results at or around week 12 with consistent use of your medical-grade skincare products.

SKIN Clinics is located in

+ Calgary
+ Regina
+ Brandon
+ Winnipeg
+ Steinbach

SKIN Clinics is now the largest dermatologist-owned group of medical and cosmetic dermatology clinics in Canada.