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RF Intensif Microneedling

Are you looking for a way to improve uneven skin texture, scars, and stimulate collagen naturally?

For years cosmetic physicians have relied on RF (radiofrequency) technology for skin tightening and body contouring. With Intensif microneedling we combine RF and microneedling technologies to improve skin texture and combat that signs of age in a single treatment.

Get the Facts

Intensif Microneedling uses sterile, high quality gold plated microneedles. The high precision needle depth is controlled and provides the most effective treatment strength suitable for the treatment area. The result comes from dermal skin remodeling, deep within the skin to revive and rejuvenate the natural production of new collagen and elastin to improve skin smoothness. Benefits are long lasting, and continue to improve months following treatment.

Benefits of RF Intensif Microneedling

  • Tightens skin
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improves acne scars and uneven texture
  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks
  • Stimulates and produces new collagen


24 – 48

hours (redness, mild swelling)

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