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Are you bothered by fullness under the chin? Are you ready to say goodbye to the “double chin”? This undertreated concern impacts over 60% of Canadians, both men and women. Surgery is no longer the only option in treating submental fullness. Belkyra delivers substantial improvement over a series of sessions with little to no downtime.

Get the Facts

Belkyra is an injectable treatment targeting fullness under the chin. Using deoxycholic acid, a molecule found in the body that assists with metabolism and the breakdown of fat, it is injected into the chin area to slowly and naturally eliminate fat in the targeted area. The treatment plan requires 2-4 sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart for optimal results. Once desired results are achieved, re-treatment is not expected.

Benefits of Belkyra

  • No surgery required
  • Quick and easy injectable treatment
  • Customized to achieve your goals
  • Re-treatment is not expected



(swelling, tenderness and bruising can last 1-2 weeks)

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Results Last

Long lasting