The Clinic

Skin Clinics is Brandon Manitoba’s first full service medical and cosmetic dermatology practice. The clinic is housed in the historic Chrest/Fraser Block, which was constructed in 1890. The design of the clinic pays homage to the building’s historic roots, with nods to Art Deco and midcentury modern styles in particular.

The goal of the design is to allow for the highest quality of treatments in an intimate atmosphere—the dark, sumptuous marble, warm lighting, and fireplace in the reception area all set the tone for the visit that follows. The space is the consummate blend of old and new—the space itself hearkens back to a time when things were built to last, and when people cherished natural materials—seen in the walnut and marble used throughout. In contrast to the traditional space, the technology is constantly being updated with the most advanced products on the market in order to offer our customers the highest standard of care.

Working alongside Dr. Sneath are one nurse, two laser clinicians, and one medical aesthetician. There are four treatment rooms where patients will be seen by Dr. Sneath and his highly-trained staff. There is one private consultation room where clients can view SKIN Clinics’ extensive product line in privacy and with the personal assistance of one of the team members.

In the Spring of 2015 SKIN Clinics will be adding a café that will serve Brandon’s highest quality espresso-based drinks, fresh smoothies, and an assortment of locally sourced baked goods. Patients will be welcome to wait for their appointment in the café or may relax in the café post-treatment.

SKIN Clinics
1031 Rosser Avenue
Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 0L5
Phone: 204-717-7546

Offering Services with:
Skinceuticals Advanced Skincare Backed by Science
Botox Cosmetic Botulinum Toxin Type A logo
Juvéderm Injectable Gel
Restylane - Natural Beauty Face Injection
Dysport - AbobotulinumtoxinA
XEOMIN - incobotulinumtoxinA